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Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions

Roof Replacement Maitland

At Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions, we are a local roofing company in the Hunter region. We pride ourselves on providing property owners with high-quality workmanship and a professional roofing service. We have a highly qualified team of roofers who work hard to provide the people of Maitland with quality roof replacement jobs from start to finish. If you are in need of a quality and affordable roofing company to complete your roof replacement in Maitland, we are the name you can trust. We have what it takes to replace a variety of roofs with durable and long-lasting Colorbond metal roofs. Our workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction truly set us apart from other roofing companies.

Roof Replacement Maitland
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Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions

Discover the difference with a roof replacement in Maitland

Offering a laid-back lifestyle and great weather most of the year, Maitland is a popular place to live for couples, families and even retirees. The unique weather of Maitland means your home needs to have a strong and durable roof that can protect the inside from the outside elements. Most homeowners and business owners do not realise the worth of a good roof 

As locals, we know Maitland better than others. We all know how relentless the Maitland weather can be. It is why a well-sealed roof is crucial. Did you know that Colorbond steel was first manufactured in Australia in 1966 and today is one of the most trusted roofing materials for residential and commercial property owners?

Roof Replacement Maitland

When your roof starts showing signs of failing, it leaves your home susceptible to further damage. Roof replacement is a long-term and cost-effective roofing solution that improves not just the functionality of your home but improves its looks, too! 

Having your roof replaced is a significant investment, but it far outweighs repairs carried out over a long period of time. You want to ensure you hire a roofing company in Maitland that is known for quality workmanship, professional service and affordable pricing.

Tile To Metal Roof Replacement

Are you tired of your leaking tiled roof or the ongoing cost of maintenance of the tile roof? Tiled roofs eventually wear out completely and need to be replaced. If your tile roofing is old, cracked and worn out, it is time to invest in tile-to-metal roof replacement services.

Our roofing experts will remove your old roofing material and replace it with a brand new Colorbond metal roof for maximum performance. A new metal roof will provide years of hassle-free comfort without worrying about cracking or leaking.

Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roofs are highly durable, but even the toughest roofs can get damaged due to numerous reasons. When these damages are caught early, repairs can prevent extensive damage. However, when the damage is extensive, you need to call for a metal roof replacement.

The new Colorbond metal roofing material makes a new roof a higher valued long-term investment for your home. Our roofers have extensive training and expertise, allowing us to tackle tricky metal replacement jobs with ease.

Asbestos Roof Removal Services

Asbestos fibers can pose a serious risk to your health if airborne, as inhalation is the main way for asbestos to enter the body. It is why asbestos roof removal needs to be executed correctly and by licensed roofers only. If your asbestos roof is damaged, disturbed and crumbling, we can help!

Our roofers can offer effective asbestos removal services in Maitland. Our roofers are trained in the safe handling and disposal of asbestos.

Commercial Roof Replacement

No business owner wants to get a new commercial roof. They would prefer repairs to their badly damaged roofs and just hope for the best. But the fact is that a new commercial roof is a better investment than a series of repairs that only puts a band-aid on the problem.

At Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions, our refined commercial roof replacement process ensures minimal disruption to your operations. We offer quality solutions on which your business can rely.

Insurance & Hail Damage Roof Replacement

It can be tough to know what is worse – hail storm damage or what comes after. Hail damage can present potential leaks, structural damage and even flooding. Our team can determine the extent of your roof damage and offer high-quality metal roof replacement.

If the recent hail has damaged your roof and you need help making an insurance claim, Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions is here to help you assist in filing the necessary paperwork.

Benefits of metal roofing

Long gone are the days of the basic metal or tin roofs. Today, the choice of advanced metal roofing materials has increased dramatically. At Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions, our experts choose the most durable and efficient material – Colorbond.

Termite resistant, non-combustible and weather tight, a Colorbond roof is a great investment against harsh Australian conditions. The advanced Super Polyester pre-painted coating technology ensures your new roof looks newer for longer. 

If you are considering roof replacement, here are some of the benefits of considering Colorbond as your material of choice:

roof replacement maitland
Roof Replacement Maitland
Advantages of Colorbond roofing
  • Design Flexibility

    Colorbond roofing has spanning capabilities, making them perfect for different roofing areas. It offers you more creative license to create a unique facade to match your personality. Our team can shape, curve or use straightened sheets to suit the aesthetic of your home.

  • Waterproof

    Colorbond is available in a wide variety of colours. Thus, it allows you to get a roof that compliments your home rather than competes with the colour of your home and the natural surroundings. It offers your home a more neat and modern appearance.

  • Fast & Efficient Construction

    Mobile roll forming of Colorbond means that the sheets can be rolled on site in length, eliminating the need for several lap joints. It also ensures that your roof replacement is done in less time.

  • Thermally Efficient

    Colorbond roofing works in both summer and winter to insulate your home. As a thermally efficient material, it allows your air conditioner to do its job and keep your energy bills down.

  • Durable & Strong

    Colorbond is one of the toughest and most advanced building materials available today. It not only looks good but is also long-lasting, making it a great option for roof replacement.

  • Lightweight

    Colorbond is 1/10 of the weight of concrete or terracotta tiles meaning that the supporting framing does not have to be very complex. In addition, it does not absorb any water, so you do not have to worry about any roof weight fluctuations.

Why Choose Us?
roof replacement maitland
8 Reasons to Choose Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions for a Roof Replacement

When choosing a roof replacement company in Maitland, you want to pick one that is experienced, offers high-quality work, and has a great reputation. When you choose Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions, you get all that and a lot more.

  • Roofing Experts – With us, you can expect high quality, effective and efficient new roofing systems that maximizes your home’s value.
  • Proven & Tested – Our years of experience and knowledge in the roofing industry mean you do not have to worry about major mistakes from occurring when we put a new roof over your house. 
  • Complete Safety – We ensure the complete safety of our employees and customers by implementing safety strategies. We never compromise on safety simply to secure a job or increase profits.
  • Exceptional Products & Workmanship – Our team is always striving for excellence. As a competent and highly qualified roofing team in Maitland, we are confident that our results will exceed your expectations. 
  • Wealth of Experience – Our experience with numerous roofing products and systems gives us broad knowledge in the industry. Any decisions we make are based on understanding all the different factors involved.
  • Unmatched Value – While we do not claim to offer the lowest prices, we do claim to provide you with the best value in roofing. 
  • Customer Satisfaction – You can expect us to go out of our way to attain 100% customer satisfaction. We offer long-term support – even after the sale.
  • Licensed & Insured – We are a licensed and insured roofing company. It will give you peace of mind knowing you are legally protected when you work with us.

Hire the Best Roof Replacement Maitland Company

Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions is built on decades of experience, and our process of handling your roof replacement project from beginning to end can reduce stress on you. As a locally owned and operated roofing company, we carefully select high-quality materials that stand up to the harsh Maitland weather and install them to the highest standards.
Call Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions to schedule a free inspection of your roof from our roofing experts. We will review your damage, provide a free estimate and discuss all your options for the roof replacement process.

FAQs – Most Common Roofing Questions in Maitland

If your house needs a new roof, you likely have a number of questions. Roof replacement is a major home improvement project that should not be taken lightly. Here we discuss some of the most common questions about roof replacement in Maitland that we get from our clients on a regular basis.

Replacing your roof is a big undertaking and one that should not be delayed. Failing to replace your roof when it’s time can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs from leaks and structural damages. Lookout the following indicators that it’s time for roof replacement –

  • Roof wasn’t installed correctly
  • Wet spots on your ceiling
  • Shingles are cracked, missing or curled
  • Roof is old and worn out
  • Moss and algae are growing on the roof
  • Ceiling is sagging
  • Roof has sustained hail or wind damage

If you notice any of these signs, it is time to talk to a roofing expert immediately.

If your existing roof is old and worn out, a roof replacement by experts can help lower energy bills. Damaged roofs can cause your air conditioner to work in overdrive. A new metal roof can prevent leaks and make your home more energy-efficient.

Roof replacement is one of the top ROI projects in Maitland. A new roof installation offers the following benefits –

  • Increased curb appeal
  • Enhanced home value
  • Potential energy savings
  • Newer technology designed to last longer

There are several home projects that can be easily “DIY’d”, but roofing is not one of them. DIY roofing projects can be dangerous and warrants a greater risk of quality issues. It is best to hire a team of professional roofers rather than trying to do it all by yourself.

All roofing systems have an expiration date. But, the better the materials and the contractors, the longer your new roof will last. A Colorbond roof has a lifespan of about 20 years or more but can last much longer depending on the installation quality, level of maintenance and the weather conditions.

The roof replacement process usually involves –

  • Clearing your property
  • Tearing down the old roof
  • Evaluating the condition of the underlying and performing repairs as needed
  • Installing the new roof
  • Roof inspection

The cost of roof replacement in Maitland depends on a number of factors such as the condition of your old roof, the materials you choose for the new roof, the slope of the roof, the total square foot area of your roof and others. Other contributing factors such as insulation cost, supplies and waste removal can increase the roof replacement cost.

If your roof is at the end of its lifespan, it is best to have it replaced. Home buyers may be unable to secure a mortgage with a damaged or expired roof, which can scare them away. If you know that your old roof will be an issue, it is best to have it replaced before putting it up on the market.

Still Have Questions?

Contact our experts at Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions to have your questions answered. We will help you navigate the ins and outs of roof replacement and get the best roof for your needs. We pick the best quality materials and guarantee a dependable roof, no matter the kind of house or budget you have.

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