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Trust the experts for Commercial Roof Replacement Maitland

As a business owner, it is easy to forget about your roof until there is a major problem with it. Over time, even the strongest commercial roofs start to deteriorate and lose their ability to protect your assets from external elements. Not only does it expose your assets to water damage, but your commercial property is also at risk of mould growth, which puts everyone inside at risk.

Sometimes, roofs just can’t be saved with repairs or restoration and will need a full replacement. Roof replacement for commercial or industrial buildings can be a major undertaking. So, you need an experienced roofing professional to work with extreme detail to ensure the new roof is installed correctly and to the strictest Australian standards.

Experience and dedication to quality


Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions has replaced roofs on commercial and industrial buildings of all shapes and sizes. Our roofers’ team have the expertise and skills to deliver outstanding roofing solutions for your specific building to a quality that stands the test of time. We install Colorbond roofing materials with minimal disruption to your business operations. 

With our turnkey roof replacement service, you and your workforce will be absolutely free to focus on your business activities. Our roofers can handle any roof replacement project, from factories, schools, shopping centers, hospitals, and churches. We are manufacturer-certified to install Colorbond roofing systems and offer up to 30 years of warranty on materials and our work.

Top Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs to be Replaced

If you notice one or more of the signs mentioned below, you have some serious problem with your commercial roof lurking under its surface. Our roofers can put your mind at ease by having your commercial roof thoroughly inspected. If it turns out you need a new commercial roof, we guarantee to install a new roof that is guaranteed to last for decades.

Why Choose Us?
Reasons Why Metal Roofing is the Best Choice for Commercial Roofing

When it comes to commercial roofing, there is no competition – metal roofing is the champion. We are often asked why metal roofs are the best for commercial roofing, and here are some reasons why we recommend them:

Metal Roof is Lightweight

Due to their lightweight, metal roofs are a practical choice for commercial properties with unique roof shapes, sizes and properties. They can be installed over structures and steep roofs that cannot handle the weight of tiles. 

Easy to Install

Besides flexibility, metal roofing’s low weight makes it quicker and simpler to install than traditional shingles or tiles. Metal sheets are screwed directly to the roof structure and cut down on the time and effort needed to perform the installation. It means you do not have to wait long to get a new roof over your commercial building. 

High Durability & Low Maintenance 

You just cannot put your business on hold for roofing maintenance. With a metal roof, you do not have to worry about it as they are extremely low maintenance. At Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions, we use durable and strong Colorbond metal roofing for our roof replacement projects that take the inherent toughness up a notch.

It’s Cheaper

As a business owner, we understand you are worried about the cost of roof replacement and want it to be as low as possible. Price is another benefit of a metal roof. Simpler and faster installation of metal roofs brings down your installation quote to a great extent. 


For commercial properties with high fire risk, metal roofs are the best. Colorbond metal roofs are designed to sustain fire emergencies and minimize the risk of collapse. They are safe and fire-resistant with no gaps for sparks to enter, especially if it is based in a bushfire-prone area.

Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions

Choose us for Commercial Roof Replacement Maitland

When your commercial or industrial roof needs to be replaced, you can depend on the reliable team at Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions. With years of commercial roofing experience under our belt, we know businesses like yours want professional workmanship by quality roofers using proven roofing systems. Our highly trained team completes all work according to the latest industry rules and guidelines, on time and within budget. 

For a customised quotation for commercial roof replacement in Maitland, call Maitland Metal Roofing Solutions today! We will send our roofing experts to your commercial property premises to conduct a visual inspection without delay and prepare a competitive quote.

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